The Internet is abuzz: Is Owling the new Planking?

The new photo phenomenon of Owling is sweeping Facebook and the electronic humor community. Like Planking, Owling is said to have started in Australia and involves sitting in an owl-like posture on top of houses, statues, fences and other strange locations.

Both Planking and Owling are catching on like wildfire. Images of people doing both activities appear all over the world.

So, which one do IBTimes readers find more amusing?

One IBTimes commenter thinks that planking will never be dethroned by Owling.

Not nearly as amusing as planking IMO, says the highly credible Addicted2psi5. What makes planking entertaining is how awkward it is, given the body position of the person.

Leave your opinion of both trends in the comment section. We'd love to hear what you think!

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