Planking, also known as the 'lying down' game, is an activity that has become a Facebook sensation even though it poses danger to the person doing that. It is the art of lying straight down to mimic a wooden plank to surprise and amuse people. But who created this really dumb stunt?

Canadian comedian Tom Green now claims to be the creator of the popular and bizarre Internet sensation, where people take pictures of themselves lying face down like a wooden board.

According to CNN, Green apparently first planked with his rap group on Canadian television in 1990. He posted a video on his website this week that features him doing the Dead Guy on his cable TV show in 1994.

The root of it, to me, is the absurdity of seeing someone lying there in the prone position as if they've died or passed out, Green told CNN.

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Check out the 1994 'planking' video below.

However, according to the Post's Elizabeth Flock, Planking's beginnings may lie in an infamous movie scene from the 1993 movie The Program, in which the quarterback lies down on the yellow line in the middle of a highway as cars fly past.

The website has traced the origin of planking to 2006, when two British students began posting pictures of themselves on Facebook, participating in what they termed the Lying Down Game.

Owling is on the rise as the latest fad on Facebook

The popular and odd 'planking' has got a new rival now. It's called 'Owling'.

Believed to be originated from Australia, 'Owling' is the act of sitting in a perched position while looking off into the distance imitating the pose of an owl.

On Monday, a thread was posted to Reddit, entitled Seems to be an increase in planking photos, so... The post featured an image of a woman perched on railing with the caption OWLING because planking is so two months ago.

According to reports, the owling craze already has two popular Facebook groups dedicated to it, with over 1,000 members.

Start the slideshow to watch the funniest Planking and Owling photos from around the world. Remember, both Planking and Owling can be dangerous.


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