A riot broke out on Hollywood Boulevard last night in Los Angeles and when those involved were order to leave the area, they resisted police orders by planking.

A handful of people began lying face down on the street in front of a riot police while some of the police looking on as others went to break it.

The crowd police ordered to disperse were fans of electronic-music DJ Kaskade.

The disturbance happened during the premier of the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience at the Grauman's Chinese Theater, according to TMZ.

A massive crowd gathered in the area following a tweet from Kaskade who said he would have a concert outside of the theater.

"Today@6pm in Hollywood @Mann's Chinese Theatre. ME+BIG SPEAKERS+MUSIC=BLOCK PARTY!!! RT!" DJ Kaskade tweeted.

Planking is a big online fad where many people have tried to out plank each other in various places.

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