Sony PlayStation Network and Qriocity hack has left the network paralyzed, personal data of nearly 80 million users compromised and most of all has assaulted Sony's brand image.

However, Sony had something to cheer about after NDP Group released the sales data for the U.S. video gaming industry for the month of April.

Gamasutra citing data from the NPD Group reported that Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) recorded a 13 percent increase in hardware sales at U.S. Retail for the month of April which translates into 200,000 units sold, up from 180,800 in April 2010.

SCEA also confirmed that PS3 software unit sales were up 40 percent year-on-year at U.S. retail.

NPD Group report stated that in total $961.2 million was spent on video game hardware, software, and accessories (including PC games) at retail between April 3 and April 30, up from $802.4 million a year ago. Unit sales increased by 17 percent with U.S. video game industry up 2 percent year-to-date compared to 2010.

Both console and portable games recorded significant growth bringing in $503.2 million which is 26 percent higher than the $398.5 million reported in April 2010.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 led the console market with sales of 297,000 units, up 60 percent compared to the same month a year ago. Gamasutra reported that Microsoft confirmed that the total retail expenditure on Xbox 360 hardware, software and accessories during the month was $310 million.

Microsoft also recorded robust Kinect sales with Kinect Sports selling over 3 million units worldwide to date, and Dance Central selling over 2.5 million.

Xbox 360 sales have trumped Sony's PS3 sales. On the back of the current hacking fiasco Xbox has been benefiting from the controversy. Reports from retail stores stated that more customers have been trading in their entire PlayStation3 set including both console and games for the Xbox 360, mostly for Call of Duty online gamers.

According to Edge, store managers reported an increase of sales and trade-ins for the popular online shooting game Call of Duty in Microsoft's favor.

At the end of each month people come to sell their consoles. People that need money [to pay bills]. What's different this time around is that that they are bringing in PS3s together with all their games and they don't want money, they want an Xbox 360. In every case it is because of Black Ops and or Modern Warfare 2, said one store manager.

Sony Japan in a corporate message told customers:We are preparing to resume the service as soon as possible in Japan [and] are now doing the verification stage to ensure the safety and security.