Apparently, there’s more to Pokémon Go Plus than just using it to detect nearby Pokémon or PokéStops. The Bluetooth peripheral is said to have two hidden features that were not advertised by Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company.

Gravis Ludus has learned that Pokémon Go Plus can also be used to track egg hatching steps. “Pokémon Go” players know that eggs have distance requirements before they hatch. Before, this would mean turning on the display of the device so that every km is counted for an egg to hatch. Since the wearable is tracking distance, gamers can now rely on Pokémon Go Plus in order for the GPS to remain working in the background though their smartphones are locked.

Another secret feature that was not mentioned in advertisements is the ability of Pokémon Go Plus to also track a Pokémon Buddy’s walk. The Pokémon Buddy System was recently introduced via the newest updates for the iOS and Android versions of the hit game. What this does is allow a Pokémon to walk with the Trainer and certain km requirements would unlock free Candy for the former. Similar to the first hidden feature, players will not be required to unlock their smartphones just so their steps would count as the steps of their Buddy Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Plus was officially launched on Sept. 16 more than two months since it was teased during the launch of the “Pokémon Go” app. It is currently available in limited quantities in several markets, as per First Post.

The $35 wearable device uses Bluetooth technology to pair up with a smartphone. It vibrates and has LED lights that notify Trainers whether they are close to a PokéStop (blue light), a Pokédex-registered Pokémon (green light) and a new Pokémon (yellow light).

When users press the button, the device would try to catch the Pokémon or collect PokéStop goodies as indicated by the rainbow of colors the LED button flashes. Failure to catch a Pokémon or collect stuff from a PokéStop is indicated by a red light.

Despite its usefulness, Engadget stated that Pokémon Go Plus should not be regarded as a replacement for the gaming app, since it only does the simple stuff. It does not inform players what level the Pokémon they have detected is, and it also does not let players switch from the standard Poké Ball to the Ultra Ball.

The First Post also pointed out that it does not let players feed razz berries to their target Pokémon, which is quite a bummer, knowing that players only have one chance to catch a Pokémon using Pokémon Go Plus.