By now most players of “Pokémon GO,” have caught several creatures during their virtual reality hunts, but they probably aren’t able to take part in battles at the gym. To help move the game along, some tips and tricks to get to level 5, which is where gamers need to be for gym battles to take place, have been provided below:

1. Catch as many Pokémon as possible. Even if you already have 2 Pidgeys and 5 Rattatas, continue to catch lower level Pokémon. They might not be as exotic, but they will help you level up and get into a gym. Also, they will turn into cool monsters once you evolve them with candy. For example, a Caterpie isn’t strong, but once it becomes a Butterfree it’s a great Pokémon to have for battle.

2. There are some easy ways to get more Pokémon. One is to use an Incense Module, which will attract monsters to a player for up to 30 minutes. Each player is given at least two incense balls when they sign up. Another way it to visit a Poké Stop. There, gamers can earn Balls to capture more Pokémon or Eggs. When an Egg is placed inside an incubator it will hatch a young monster. In order to do this, one must walk around-- or use this cheat. Even better than the Incense Module is the Lure Module, which can be used while at a Poké Stop.

3. Keeping walking. Even when it seems like there aren’t any more “Pokémon GO” to be caught, continue to walk around and search for me. Just before careful when doing so, since some people have been clumsy.

4. Lastly, stay charged. The ‘“Pokémon GO” app uses a lot of battery life and it’s impossible to catch any, let alone “catch ‘em all,” with a dead phone.

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