It seems Lindsay Lohan gets involved with the police every week. This time, she did not reportedly steal jewelry, or drink while driving. Instead, she and her mother, Dina, had an altercation, which resulted in law enforcement answering a domestic violence call involving the troubled mother and daughter duo.

According to TMZ, Lindsay and her mother went to a club in New York and left around 4 a.m. to go to Dina Lohan’s home in Long Island.

Apparently, Lindsay did not want to take her limo to Dina’s home, instead she wanted to take it to her hotel in the city. Dina was allegedly very drunk, and though Lindsay did not want to take the limo to Long Island, she eventually gave in.

On the way home, the two began arguing about the situation, which escalated when they arrived at Dina Lohan’s home. Lohan’s mother allegedly scratched her on the leg and there was property damage at the home. 

The police were called, and when they arrived at the scene, no arrests were made, but a Domestic Incident Report was filed. 

This is not the first time Lohan has had to deal with police in recent weeks. Just last month, congressional staffer Christian LaBella allegedly choked Lohan and threw her to the ground after she got upset when she saw he had snapped numerous photos of her on his cell phone. 

The incident occurred in New York at the W Hotel after Lohan invited him to hang out with her and a group of friends.

LaBella, 26, previously worked for Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois.

Though LaBella was originally charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment, the charge was later dropped.

Steve Honig, Lohan’s representative, told E! News that they are not happy with the outcome, as the experience was "both distressing and outrageous … and there should be consequences for that."