Before “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans moved on with rumored boyfriend David Eason, she was sour about ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith moving out of her house. So sour, in fact, that she got into a fight with his new girlfriend, Jessica Henry. Evans was arrested Aug. 20 after the altercation. The police report, which was obtained by Radar Online Wednesday, revealed the officer on the scene didn’t believe Evans' version of the event. 

When Griffith, 28, was moving his belongings into his truck, Evans, 23, went outside and threw a Mason jar filled with water at Henry’s head, the police report stated. Then she ran inside and "didn’t say a word." 

When the officer at the scene talked to Evans, she said Henry got out of the car and they threw the Mason jar at each other before it ultimately broke. But the evidence didn’t back up her story. “This would have made the broken glass somewhere farther in the driveway,” the officer wrote.

While Henry had a large bump on the right side of her head, Evans remained uninjured. “I looked and did not observe any redness or any other injury to the arrestee’s back,” the officer said.

Evans was taken to jail, Radar Online reported. She was released without bail and had to pay a $500 fine.

The arrest doesn’t look good for Evans since she’s trying to win back custody of her eldest son, Jace, 6, from her mother, Barbara Evans. She currently has custody of 15-month-old Kaiser, the son she shares with Griffith.

The ladies of “Teen Mom 2” will return Wednesday at 9 p.m. for Part 2 of the reunion special. After that ends, don’t be too sad. The young women have signed up for Season 7 of the hit MTV series.

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