Pornhub, the largest adult website with millions of users each day, pleaded with fans on Tuesday night to stop submitting videos of Brazil’s crushing 7-1 loss to Germany in the World Cup semifinals.

The Brazilian national team surrendered three goals in an astounding 76 seconds, but that internationally televised embarrassment was nothing compared to the countless memes, tweets and GIFs that poked fun at the World Cup host’s unceremonious exit from the tournament. Along with Reddit and Tumblr, the jokes spawned their own category on porn websites, as evidenced by a Pornhub tweet posted not long after the game ended.

Most of the video titles are simply too X-rated to publish, but suffice it to say that the name “Young Brazilians get f***ed by the entire German soccer team” is probably the most tame example.  

Data released by Twitter and the various television broadcasters prove that millions of people are tuning into the tournament as the stakes grow with each match. But Pornhub, which also releases its metrics during major events, is not one of the companies attracting more eyeballs.

Numbers highlighted by Sports.Mic make it clear that, while people all over the world log on to Pornhub, the site’s traffic takes a major hit during the World Cup. At kickoff during the June 16 game between Germany and Portugal, for instance, Pornhub traffic was down by 40 percent in Portugal and over 60 percent in Germany. Porn consumption isn’t limited to those two nations, with the 2010 World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands leading to a 65 percent drop in traffic among Dutch viewers.