The last tweet from the notorious LulzSec upon its disbanding reads: What a coincidence. George Orwell was born on this day. (25 June 1903)

However, LulzSec's disbanding on June 25 was not a coincidence at all. They were probably shaken up gazing at the shipwrecked lulz boat.

Not surprisingly, they are quitting. Lulzsec members are feeling the heat and are busy avoiding arrest. As predicted, the end of Lulzsec was inevitable. During this [past] week they tried to cover up themselves in order to avoid arrest by: regrouping with anonymous, creating the 'antisec' operation, falsely claiming the UK census was hacked as a 'red herring,' stated Rob Rachwald, director of security strategy at Imperva on its blog.

Whether or not LulzSec have attempted to run away from hacking responsibilities by disbanding the group last week, the authorities have intensified their efforts in pursuing the notorious hackers responsible for hacking SONY, the CIA, the US Senate, PBS, FOX, NATO and many more. After announcing its quitting,

LulzSec apparently jumped back on ship with its old buddy, Anonymous, to continue sailing the Operation Anti-Sec against governments.

LulzSec vs FBI & Hackers

Disbanding the group does not release LulzSec from criminal responsibility nor its hacker rivals' plots to expose them.

June 25 did coincide with increasing scrutiny from authorities and a brewing feud with hacking group TeaMp0isoN and lone hacker The Jester. Both hacker entities had threatened to expose personal information of LulzSec members.

FBI agents have raided the home of an Iowa woman Laurelai Bailey in search for clues about LulzSec members.

Bailey said the FBI stayed there for five hours, and confiscated her hard drives, a camera, and other equipment. The agents also asked her whether she could infiltrate the hacking community, indicating a particular interest in a hacker known as Kayla. Bailey denied her involvement in any hacking activity, and she would not exactly be LulzSec's favorite person because she leaked the IRC logs detailing the HBGary Federal attack, reported PCMag.

Prior to Bailey's case, a U.K. hacker Ryan Cleary, 19, was arrested earlier this month in a joint operation between the U.K.'s Metropolitan and Essex Police force and the U.S.'s FBI. Cleary was reputed to be tied to LulzSec.

While FBI aggressively hunt down the hacker group, related law enforcement investigations are also apparently underway. A group called Backtrace Security has been hunting for LulzSec members since February, and assisting an FBI investigation since March, reported The New York Times.

Leader Sabu Outed

On Backtrace Security's website, it alleges LulzSec leader as such:

Sabu is probably the oldest member of the group. Close to thirty years old, Sabu is Peurto Rican and hails from the lower east side, where he had a troubled High School career. Sabu is relatively intelligent, but is resentful of the authority and success of people he perceives to be less worthy than himself. Sabu is the most experienced, skilled member of lulzsec, and functions as its leader, mostly through intimidation. After suffering humiliations a decade ago following his posting of rambling, incoherent manifestos on defaced websites, he fell into obscurity until publicly associating himself with the Anonymous protest group. After publicly disgracing Anonymous with the HBGary intrusion, bringing much unwanted attention to Anonymous activities, he sought to recover the limelight by recruiting Topiary and Tflow.

On June 24, a massive amount of research was posted on Twitter th3j35t3r, claiming to completely out Sabu.

According to ZDNet, the research basically claimed that LulzSec leader Sabu''s identity as:

Name(s): Xavier Kaotico, Xavier de Leon
Age: 30 as of 2011-06-21
Location: Possibly New York City, NY
Profession: Independent IT consultant
Interests: Python programming, Linux, network security, exploit development

The same day, IRC chat logs were leaked, along with personal information on LulzSec members including Kayla, Topiary, Joepie and many more. LulzSec confirmed that their logs were leaked, but claimed that the log was not from one of their core chatting channels.

More arrests to come

On June 25, an anonymous post made to Pastebin named names associated to the nicknames, alleging that the core members of LulzSec are Sweden-based Daniel Ackerman Sandberg (aka Topiary), Iowa-based Wesley Bailey (aka Laurelai), New York-based EE or Eekdacat (no name, instead an IP address provided), Britain-based Richard Fontaine (aka Uncommon), alleged leader Hector Xavier Monsegur (aka Sabu), and Netherlands-based Sven Slootweg (aka Joepie91), and others.

The document's sources provided contact information for most of the names, while detail information on Sabu and Kayla still incomplete.

A group that calls itself Web Ninjas seems to have followed LulzSec's movement closely as it posts personal information of LulzSec members on its blog

On Tuesday, Web Ninjas claimed that a LulzSec member, No.2 Topiary is now gone.

Topiary's farewell tweet reads, Sailing off - watch your backs and follow the north wind, brazen sailors of the 'verse. All his old tweets were deleted.

Topiary was right about one thing - Watch your backs because Ninjas are watching you in Shadows, Web Ninja noted. As said earlier, We would see more posts and tweets like this in coming days.