The mysterious new website appeared last week, driving the Harry Potter fans into a swirl of speculations and excitement over the new project by J.K. Rowling, who is set to announce the details of Pottermore tomorrow.

Just one more day - and we will see what this new website is all about. Until then, the two owls shown on the screen will take you to a YouTube video that counts down the time remaining until J.K. Rowling's announcement.

In the meantime, many people seem to rather enjoy the time before the secret is revealed, when the sky is the limit for your soaring imagination.

The speculations among the fans and media rather seem to represent their wishes, which Rowling certainly can take into consideration for the future projects.

Below are the top 10 speculations (or wish lists if you will) to date:

- The eighth Harry Potter book (many say it's unlikely)

- A Harry Potter encyclopedia (it was hinted by Rowling in the past)

- a MMOPRG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

- A retail site for electronic versions of the Harry Potter books

- A social network where Potter fans can socialize

- A movie (highly unlikely, since the final movie is coming out on July 15)

- or a documentary movie (ok, possible, but it won't be a masterpiece anyway)

- A theme park (Maybe one in UK since we've got The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, U.S.)

- A real wizarding school (yes, we all wish to live in Hogwarts)

- A Potter-based treasure hunt game

The most plausible guess, or rather a leak, is the Guardian's claim of Pottermore being an online game, a treasure hunt that gives users clues which will lead them to prizes hidden in the real world. The newspaper stated, Aspiring wizards the world over can hope to find an undisclosed number of magic wands stashed throughout the UK and US, and possibly other countries. It is not yet clear if the treasure hunt is Pottermore itself or a marketing drive for another product, and details about the game remain hazy. Details of the mysterious project were sent to The Times apparently by mistake by a source involved with the official Pottermore launch event on Thursday, although skeptics may call it a crafty marketing exercise.

Ms. Rowling will hold a press conference at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on Thursday morning. Her spokeswoman instructed reporters in an e-mail that Ms. Rowling would not allow one-on-one interviews. Filming, recording and photography will also be banned from the news conference.

Are there some more wish lists? Until tomorrow when the Pottermore is officially unveiled, there is still some more time to dream.