Developer Square Enix has announced that the two digital content for “Final Fantasy XV” — Season Pass and Digital Premium Edition — are now available for preorder. The announcement comes just a month and couple more weeks before the video game officially arrives on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In addition, the proud developer, who took ten years to perfect the upcoming “Final Fantasy” installment, also revealed that the Digital Premium Edition will come with special items and themes depending on the platform the gamer is using. For Xbox One players, they will receive a Carbuncle pet prop as well as a male and female Noctis costume for avatars. On the other hand, PlayStation 4 gamers will get a special “Big Bang” theme on top of the Digital Premium Edition Original Theme and the Digital Mini Sound Track, according to Engadget.

Meanwhile, the Season Pass will give players access to six DLC packs: Booster Pack, Episode Gladio, Holiday Pack, Episode Ignis, Episode Prompto and Expansion Pack. Square Enix stated that all of the names of the six DLC packs are just working titles as of late, but the Expansion Pack is already getting Kotaku all hyped up.

Aside from the digital upgrade and the premium edition, the “Final Fantasy XV” developer has also released a few screenshots of its upcoming game, revealing specific details on how gamers can use the new equipment and commands available. Gematsu reported that based on the screenshots, players can choose up to four weapons and three accessories in the “Equipment” menu of the game. Then, players must choose one primary weapon and one secondary weapon for the party members.

During battles, players can assign commands to each party member and also enable link attacks that allow party members to collaborate during a fight, ensuring that enemies will suffer significant damage. However, link attacks are subject to change depending on the weapons the party members have.

Finally, an interesting creature that “Final Fantasy” fans should watch out for when “XV” debuts this Sept. 30 is the Chocobo. It is a giant yellow bird that players can use for faster transportation. Players should take note that to ride a chocobo, they need to pass the requirements to rent the creature via the “Chocobo Ticket Machine.”