A portion of the 405 Freeway from the Hollywood Hills to the 10 Santa Monica Freeway will close for the weekend starting Friday, July 15.

Caltran workers will work on demolishing a bridge during that timem, the freeway portion is expected to reopen on Monday, July 18

The San Diego I-405 Freeway is the most clogged freeway system in the city. and drivers are expected to prepare for the closure and limit travel, if at all.

The closure is expected to affect north-south running streets as well as east-west roads throughout Los Angeles.

Free subway rides on the Red Line will be offered, along with extra bus service on major streets.

In an effort to alert commuters about the upcoming closer, officials have even turned to celebrities with large Twitter followings to get the message out to fans to avoid the area.

Celebs that LAPD are reaching out to include Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian.