On Wednesday Iran's president called for profound changes in U.S. foreign policy. Among others he mentioned an end to support for Israel and an apology to the Islamic republic for past misdeeds.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also urged Washington to withdraw its troops stationed around the world, the Associated Press reported.

Ahmadinejad added that Iran will be closely watching what President Barack Obama's new administration does and would welcome a real shift in its approach.

Change means giving up support for the rootless, uncivilized, fabricated, murdering ... Zionists and letting the Palestinian nation decide its own destiny, Ahmadinejad said. Change means putting an end to U.S. military presence in (different parts of) the world, the AP reported.

He also stressed the importance of engaging Iran, a country that the Bush administration often singled out as the most dangerous in the Middle East.

Later Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told AP reporters the U.S. administration is undertaking a wide-ranging and comprehensive assessment of American foreign policy options toward Iran.

Clinton also said Iran had a clear opportunity to demonstrate some willingness to engage meaningfully with the international community.

Diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Iran were broken in 1979 after hardline students stormed the US embassy in Tehran.