The season finale of "Pretty Little Liars" left fans on a gut-wrenching note: Is Caleb dead? But "PLL" made sure to let fans know who "A" was this season. 

The last episode of "Pretty Little Liars" for the summer premiered on Tuesday night and didn't disappoint fans who were underwhelmed with last season's finales. Viewers were on the edge of their seats and were delivered the biggest shock when Caleb, one of their favorite characters, was wheeled into surgery.

"Honestly, people's jaws will hit the floor," producer Marlene King tells "For people who felt like [Mona being A] wasn't the big twist they were looking for, they're getting their big twist tomorrow. And the fact that it's two massive, mind-blowing twists, fans will be so shocked and satisfied by this episode." And King didn't disappoint any of the "PLL" fans.

After Caleb hugs Emily at the bell tower, he gets shot by Nate, who everyone thought was dead already since Emily stabbed him.

Nate has gone a killing spree this season, murdering Maya and attempting to murder Paige in front of Emily in an act of revenge.

But Nate's karma caught up with him when he was brutally and fatally stabbed by Emily. For weeks ABC Family has been showing a preview of a blood-soaked Emily talking to the cops and watching a black body bag being taken off into an ambulance. Now we know that it was Nate's body in that bad and that Emily was probably covered in his and Caleb's blood.

An even bigger shock from the night was when fans discovered that Toby was part of team "A." He was shown walking with Mona, who broke out of jail and was already known to be on team "A" from previous seasons.

Toby and Mona were the mysterious figures cloaked in the black hoodies.

At the end of the episode Toby is shown calling the four girls and inviting them to a Halloween party using the mysterious voice changer, where more drama and mayhem is bound to happen.

Some "PLL" fans took to Twitter to talk about Caleb getting shot by Nate:

@savmontano wrote, "Crying I can't do this anymore, HANNAH TOLD YOU NOT TO BRING THE GUN CALEB"


@sixpack_gAbs pleaded, "Caleb. You better live."

@ChristinaVoitet asked, "Does Caleb die? #omgconfused"

Can you believe that Toby is on team "A" and do you think that Caleb is dead?