"Pretty Little Liars" star Lucy Hale seems to be a pretty little heartbreaker. The 23-year-old recently broke things off with her boyfriend of six months, "Secret Circle" star Chris Zylka. 

According to Us Magazine, Hale and Zylka, 27, met a New Year's Eve party this past year, but it appears that the two have had some trouble in paradise. The actress was recently spotted out with "Teen Wolf" actor Colton Haynes, and while the pair seemed to be all smiles, Hale debunked rumors of a new romance. 

"I've known him from my 'Privileged' days, from The CW," she revealed to NYLON. "I don't meet a lot of genuine people in my life and he's a special kind of person, and I try to surround myself with people like that. He's just a friend here tonight. Although, I would be very lucky to have him on my arm! We're just friends."


Lucy Hale and Colton Haynes

Hale's denial of a romance with Haynes failed to mention another key factor...her relationship with Zylka. While Hale didn't come clean about her relationship status, the former "Secret Circle" star made sure to clear things up on Twitter. On Sept. 16 a fan tweeted to Zylka, "Your girlfriend is gorgeous and sorta perfect. Just thought you should know." Zylka replied to the Twitter user, "don't have a girlfriend. She decided she was too good."

Instead of getting sympathy from Twitter users, Zylka instead received some backlash. "No respect for you man," one Twitter user replied to his post. "I don't [know] your relationship but you had no right tweeting that about Lucy." Another Twitter user replied, "omg what a d**chey thing to say. Poor Lucy."

Zylka followed up his initial Twitter response with "If you all even knew :(" and "Never any disrespect towards anyone. Only if you say what you say you should stick to it. If you say you love then love."

This past month has been rough for Zylka. Besides getting dumped by Hale, he was also dropped from the highly anticipated second season of "American Horror Story." Entertainment Weekly reported that the actor was supposed to guest star as Daniel, a deaf-mute who also happens to be "the most beautiful boy in the world." Zylka however was fired from the FX drama after hesitating to shave his head as requested by executive producer Ryan Murphy. Murphy decided to replace Zylka and reduce the role of Daniel to a one-episode stint. 


Lucy Hale and Chris Zylka