The questions on “Pretty Little Liars” never end, but fortunately executive producer Joseph Dougherty is clearing the air about one recent mystery involving Mona and Ezra.

Fans of the ABC Family series will remember that Mona had a pretty epic showdown with Ezra during the season 4B premiere. The episode found Mona approaching her English teacher at a coffee shop, but their conversation wasn’t about her work in the classroom. She brought up his “revealing” reading list, and viewers initially believed that the teen was hinting that she knows Ezra is A. But Dougherty told E! Online that that may not be the case.

“I think Mona thinks they’re both working for the same person, but of course that might be ego on her part,” the EP dished to the site. “So again I’m not so sure she thinks she’s working for him. Being a super genius and being an evil genius is rough. It takes a lot out of you.”

Ezra, of course, put Mona in her place, telling her that “fear is the number one motivator in Rosewood” and that she’s moved past that fear. “That makes you special,” he explained, putting a smile on her face. But that smile quickly faded when Ezra added that the lack of fear also makes her vulnerable. Ezra continued that no fear could lead to her making mistakes … like miscalculating how far she can push someone before they push back. His response made Mona practically sprint out of her chair.

“Pretty Little Liars” fans discovered that Ezra was A during the season 4 Halloween special, but the liars still haven’t figured it out yet. After uncovering A’s lair in Ravenswood, the girls left before a hooded figure showed up … and unveiled himself to be Ezra. While some viewers have been doubting whether Ezra has been the one torturing the four teens for the past few seasons, Dougherty previously explained to E! that Ezra is definitely A.

“You do not know all of Ezra’s secrets at this point and you don’t know all of his motivation. Right now, the audience knows more than the girls do, and you’re going to have to deal with the girls getting to the point where they know what you know and what they’re going to do about it,” the EP continued. “I think Ezra’s in a very dangerous place and he’s a danger to himself and others right now, but I also know that probably what you think his motivations are right now are not correct.”

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