When things get tough, the girls on “Pretty Little Liars” stick together. Tension is high in episode seven, “Crash and Burn, Girl,” when Hanna is left to deal with her mother’s arrest – and learns that she might not be coming home anytime soon.

Spencer alienated her friends in episode six when Mona exposed Toby to be behind the missing RV. But with Hanna’s mom in jail, the girls are putting their differences aside to stay strong for their friend. And fortunately they’re not her only support system – Caleb has teamed up with Toby to do some digging and uncover the real person behind Detective Wilden’s death.


Last week Connor spread rumors about hooking up with Aria, and ended up having his car smashed outside the coffee shop. Although the person was hooded, the Rosewood principal seems to believe that the culprit behind the vandalism is Aria’s brother, Mike.

Mike doesn’t have a good past, and his sketchy alibi for that night has Aria suspicious. But he denies any involvement and Aria begins to speculate that “A” is behind the latest problem.

Unfortunately Connor’s dad wants to press charges, and Aria is forced to tell her dad about Connor’s rumor and why Mike is being considered a suspect. Aria’s dad is forced to go to the school to have a meeting with the principal and Connor’s dad, and things are not looking good for Mike. But before the principal manages to punish Mike for a crime with no witnesses or proof, Ezra convinces him not to, based on poor judgment in confronting Aria.

Toby And Caleb

Looking up the plane that was in the area the night of the lodge fire, Caleb and Toby head to the local airfield, where they meet airfield employee Nigel Wright. They slip Nigel some money and tell him that they’re trying to find a guy who stiffed Toby after remodeling his kitchen, and Nigel digs up the flight plan from that night. But unfortunately all it reveals was that the plane was heading to a regional airport in Delaware and that the pilot’s name was John Smith. They lett it slip that they’re looking for a girl, and Nigel gives them a little more information and tells them that it was foggy the night of that flight.

Thanking him for his help, Toby and Caleb leave. But back at Toby’s house they start putting two and two together. Toby pulls out the lighter that he found the night of the lodge fire and discovers that it has an NW engraved on it. While he initially thought it stood for “North West,” he now believes that is stands for Nigel Wright.

When Toby and Caleb head back to the airfield to confront Nigel, he tries to run. When they overtake him, Nigel squeals that he was paid to fake a flight plan by someone named Cece. Catching Toby and Caleb off guard, he makes a break for it – but not before Caleb manages to steal his phone. Going through it they discover that he’s been calling a number in New York multiple times.


While Hanna believes that her mom will be home soon, Spencer drops a pretty heavy bomb on her. Despite Ashley insisting that she’s innocent, Spencer tells Hanna that if her mom admits to killing Detective Wilden because he was threatening her, she would face only 20 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. Otherwise Ashley could be facing jail for the rest of her life (or worse) for first-degree murder.

Hanna tries to convince Ashley to plead guilty, but her mom refuses.


Emily is still not swimming due to her injured soldier, so her mother sets her up to get injections in her arm in an effort to heal. Heading to the police station to meet her mom before the appointment, she discovers that her mom has a key to Detective Wilden’s apartment.

Rescheduling her appointment, Emily gets Aria and Spencer to break into Wilden’s apartment with her. Besides dirty movies, the girls uncover a sealed package from a fancy steakhouse. Breaking it open they discover rotting steaks … and a note that says, “can’t wait to see you at our little barbecue. Kisses – A.”

Before Emily can return the key to her mom’s desk at the police station, the detectives notice it missing and her mom is suspended without pay. With the key still in her possession, Emily receives an email from A which says, “You crashed Wildens. Now I’ll make it all come crashing down.”

She listens to her mom on the phone that night, and the woman barely has enough time to jump out of the way when a car comes plowing their living room.


After running, Nigel heads to the person who paid him off. He’s spotted pouring them a cup of tea … with a pair of sunglasses on the table. (We’re thinking Jenna.)

Meanwhile, “A” heads to a hardware store where she buys a book called “Home Repairs For Morons,” duct tape and a $50 gift card.