Fans of “Pretty Little Liars” better buckle up -- the fourth season of the ABC Family series is continuing to head down a dangerous slope. The synopsis for episode nine, “Into The Deep,” has been leaked online, and it appears that Emily’s birthday is going to have a lot more surprises than she anticipated.

Emily’s Birthday Shocker

Emily has been struggling with her family and swimming career for the past few weeks thanks to “A.” With her birthday coming up, Emily’s girlfriend Paige decides to throw her a surprise party – and it’s definitely a shocker for Emily when two of the guests turn out to be Jenna and Shana. According to the episode nine description leaked on SpoilerTV, the unwelcome guests won’t be the big shocker of the evening. Instead, viewers can look forward to seeing some of “A’s” actions, which will “lead to the biggest shock of all.”

Good News For Hanna And Ashley

Meanwhile, Ashley is still in hot water after the gun that killed Detective Wilden was discovered to be covered in her prints. Fortunately, Mona is still bent on winning back Hanna’s trust and commits a “selfless act” that will give Hanna and her mom their “first bit of good news.” The downside is that it will send Mona back down a familiar path – possibly back to her “A” roots?

Ezra’s Twist

Fans of “Pretty Little Liars” haven’t seen Ezra too much in season four, but episode nine will find Aria’s former lover getting some “distressing” news. The news will be coming from his baby's momma, Maggie, and according to the synopsis, it'll be regarding his son, Malcolm.

Aria’s Relationship

Like Ezra, Aria is struggling with her new relationship with Jake, her martial arts instructor. “Into The Deep” will find the two continuing to “define their confusing relationship.”

New Hope For Emily

Since pushing her friends out of the way of a car, Emily has been having difficulty with her shoulder. Told by a doctor that she can’t swim and will possibly need surgery, Emily received another blow in episode six when she learned that her archnemesis Shana had transferred schools and joined the Rosewood swim team; however, in an effort to salvage her swimming career, Emily will meet with a world-class coach.

New episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” will air at 8 p.m. ET Tuesdays. Catch episode nine -- “Into The Deep” -- when it premieres Aug. 6.