Bring it on, “A”! “Pretty Little Liars” returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. EDT, and the anticipation for the Season 5 drama has been absolutely killing fans. Viewers have been treated to scoops on “Haleb’s” relationship and Ezra’s life-and-death situation, but the “PLL” gods have kept quiet on one front -- Alison’s older (half) brother, Jason!

Jason DiLaurentis has a nasty little habit of popping up and then disappearing for episodes at a time. And, while we can’t confirm how much of a presence he’ll have in the upcoming season, a behind-the-scenes photo of Jason (Drew Van Acker) is proof that he’ll definitely be showing up in Season 5.

In what appears to be a classroom at Rosewood High School, Jason is rocking a black T-shirt and gray zip-up jacket. “BTS photo of Jason. #YesPlease #PLL #PLLhottie #PLL5,” according to the caption with Van Acker's photo on the official “Pretty Little Liars” Instagram account.

Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t tell us anything more. But that’s fine because we have a wild imagination. After the Season 4 finale, we compiled some wild theories about Jason’s potential involvement in Alison’s “death.”

Fans of “Pretty Little Liars” will remember that Alison finally came clean to Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily about the night she was buried. The mysterious blonde said that she had spent the evening blackmailing people in an attempt to stop the harassing messages from “A.” It appeared to have worked, but when she returned to her home, she was knocked unconscious in her yard by someone wielding a rock. Alison woke up to see her mother burying her and hysterically crying, “Oh, what have you done?” But Alison didn’t see the person her mother was helping cover up, and she couldn’t get her mouth to work to yell for help.

Viewers immediately began to speculate that Jason was the one that Mrs. DiLaurentis was helping, and with good reason! Alison’s half-brother has been mixed up in all sorts of trouble and sketchy people since the teen drama premiered in 2010.

For starters, Jason admitted to substance abuse addiction at the time of Alison’s “death.” He ended up spending some time in rehab before returning to town to mentor kids at the high school. But when Mrs. DiLaurentis disclosed in Season 4 that her son had relapsed, Spencer discovered that the facility he was supposedly attending had been closed for two years.

Another reason why he’s suspected to be involved in Alison’s “death”? His involvement with CeCe, Alison’s good friend. Jason and CeCe dated for a year before she broke things off with him. It’s possible that Jason had tried to kill CeCe, but accidentally killed Alison -- since CeCe and Alison always had their hands in trouble and liked to dress the same.

Season 5 of "Pretty Little Liars" premieres on ABC Family on June 10 at 8 p.m. EDT.

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