Is it June 10 yet? Ezra and Aria shippers are still on the edge of their seats after the shocking Season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars.” Fortunately the wait for new episodes is almost over. The hit ABC Family series is returning on June 10, and we’ve got some good news to hold you over for the next few weeks.


Fans of the teen drama will remember that Season 4 ended with a major cliffhanger -- Ezra claiming to know who “A” is and “A” managing to once again escape without being unmasked. So, whose name was Ezra about to reveal to Aria and the gang? The name never left his lips because the Rosewood High School English teacher was shot in the gut and collapsed from the bullet wound. The finale concluded with Aria holding her ex-boyfriend on the New York City rooftop while screaming for help.

As we previously reported, the Season 5 premiere will find Ezra’s life in limbo. Photos show him being operated on and lying in a hospital room while a promo video teases a flat lining noise. However, viewers don’t have to wait to find out if he’ll pull through. E! News is reporting that Ezra WILL survive the “A” gunshot.

And that’s not all -- with his life (relatively) safe, E! News continued that the teacher will “also find a way to win back a certain brunette’s affections.”

Surprised about an Ezra and Aria reunion? We’re not! Despite their relationship being very off at the time of Ezra’s injury, Alison’s story about the night she “died” was slowly warming Aria back up to the idea of her former love.

With everyone’s secrets (pretty much) laid out, it seems like the girls can all move on with their lives. Yet one thing is still holding them back -- “A’s” identity.

Thanks to a leaked synopsis for the premiere, we know that the girls will be doing everything in their power to keep Ezra alive and away from “A.” While they manage to get him to a hospital, it’ll be up to Aria to watch over her former lover. But that doesn’t mean the others are sitting in the hospital waiting room. With Alison back in their group, Spencer, Emily and Hanna will hatch a plan to “finally flush out ‘A.’”

But that’s not all the Ezria scoop we got. E! News also teased an Ezria scene that will feature key lime pie. We’re not sure what to make of that, but creator Marlene King took to Twitter in mid-May to also make a key lime pie comment.

“I like my key lime pie w whipped crème. How do you like yours? @leannaguilera,” King tweeted along with a photo of the dessert in question.

Since Leanne Aguilera is a reporter with E! Online, we can only assume she paid a visit to the “Pretty Little Liars” set and now shares an inside Ezria joke with Marlene King.

“Pretty Little Liars” will return to ABC Family for Season 5 on June 10 at 8 p.m. EDT. Will you be tuning in? Are you happy Ezra and Aria are getting back together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or tweet @AmandaTVScoop.