Welcome back, Liars! The Rosewood gang returned to ABC Family Tuesday for the Season 6 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars.” Fans haven’t seen the girls in months … but nothing changed since the Season 5 finale. Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Mona (Janel Parrish) are still in “A”/Charles’ dollhouse when the premiere, titled “Game On Charles,” kicked off. However, viewers got to see their escape attempt from a different perspective – a mysterious girl.

That’s right, Charles has another person locked up in the dollhouse. The mysterious girl has long blonde hair and Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) yellow tank top – the same top she was wearing when she was “killed” years ago. However, this girl knew better than to try to run away from Charles.

When the electricity comes back on, Aria says that she doesn’t want to go back in the dollhouse. But Charles doesn’t even give her an option. He locks the Liars outside for days without any form of shelter, food or water. Things look grim, but the girls finally catch a break when the doors to the dollhouse open again. However, that doesn’t mean that Charles forgives them for trying to escape. He knocks the girls unconscious with gas, but takes Mona away.

While the Liars are back in Charles’ grasp, Alison’s a free girl. Once Lt. Tanner (Roma Maffia) found the video footage of Mona alive and well, the police were forced to drop the murder charges. The new suspect? None other than Andrew (Brandon Jones). It was his family’s farm that Charles’ layer was located at, and the teen hasn’t been seen since.

The police now know that the Liars are innocent, but they’re not any closer to finding them … which is why Alison hatches a plan of her own. She tells Lt. Tanner that she wants to be used as bait to lure Andrew to her home. A plan is set in motion, but as “Pretty Little Liars” fans know, nothing is ever that simple with Alison. She’s actually working with Ezra (Ian Harding), Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Toby (Keegan Allen) to get away from the prying eyes of the police and lead the guys to the Liars.

The guys manage to sneak Alison out of the house, and the police believe that she’s heading to Andrew’s farm. In reality Caleb has her set up with a tracker at the kissing rock … a sitting duck for “A.”

While Alison waits for “A,” the Liars wake to find themselves naked and in a morgue-like room. It looks as if Charles wanted them to appear dead – but for who?

Forced to return to their rooms, the girls endure some sort of torture. When they eventually leave their rooms a couple days later they’re shaken up, but it’s unclear what happened to them. And unfortunately things only get worse. Mona’s gone and Alison’s room is full of all her belongings. The girls figure out that Charles is bringing the real Alison to the dollhouse … and that means that he has no need for Mona anymore. What’s worse is that they find boxes in their rooms as well. Charles stole their personal belongings before he kidnapped them, and has plans on keeping them locked up forever.

As the girls unpack Alison’s belongings, Aria discovers a note from Mona. “He’s going to kill me,” is carved into the back of her closet. After seeing the note, Spencer hatches a new plan to find Mona and escape.

Once the surveillance system shuts down in the middle of the night, the Liars follow Spencer to the toy room. Spencer believes that there is a trap door inside that will lead them to Charles’ vault. Her plan is to find something in the vault that will force him to let them go. Unfortunately Charles catches onto them before they can make it into the vault. The system goes back on and the girls are forced to work through the screeching alarm. Emily manages to find a vent that leads into the vault, and Spencer shows her friends the video footage exposing Charles as the son of Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrew Parker) and twin of Jason (Drew Van Acker). With Charles watching them through the cameras, Spencer decides to light the film on fire. When Charles doesn’t do anything, the girls start burning the rest of his belongings. They definitely catch Charles’ attention … but they also start a large fire.

While the girls were fighting back, Alison was inching closer to the dollhouse. Charles led Alison to a park and made her change her clothes – leaving behind the tracker that Caleb had put in her shoes. Caleb and Ezra realize that something is off when the tracker stops moving and find Alison’s shoes abandoned in the woods. They track her based on the direction of the shoes and manage to find her before Charles can get to her. They initially believe that they were put on a wild goose chase … until they hear a fire alarm.

The flames force Charles to pull the fire alarm in the building and open the doors. With this new opportunity the girls race to find Mona in the hole. Once they get her out they race towards a new exit – just in time for Ezra and Alison to rip open the doors.

It’s a happy reunion for everyone as they get to see their loved ones and leave the dollhouse. However, the police discover someone else in the dollhouse – the mysterious girl!

So, who was Charles hiding? A girl named Sarah Harvey. Sarah was the girl from Cortland that went missing the same time as Alison. Emily had previously spoken to Sarah’s friends when she suspected that someone else was buried in Alison’s grave. But why did Charles kidnap Sarah? And is she somehow connected to the night that Alison was almost killed?