If you want to party like it's like 1999, you'll have to start using Tidal. Prince has removed his music from every streaming service, including Spotify, except for Jay-Z's Tidal and Google Play. According to Billboard,  his music was also removed from Rdio. His music was never available on the recently-launched Apple Music

"Prince's publisher has asked all streaming services to remove his catalog," a note on Prince's now empty Spotify page says. "We have cooperated with the request, and hope to bring his music back as soon as possible." 

The decision to leave his music on the Tidal represents a growing rapprochment between Prince and the subscription-based streaming site. In May, Prince's Rally 4 Peace in Balimtore was streamed exclusively on Tidal. Earlier on Wednesday, Prince released a new song, "HARDROCKERLOVER," on his Soundcloud account, where he has started sharing more of music. 

The "Purple Rain" songwriter, who declared in 2010 that the "internet is completely over," has been a long time critique of how his music is distributed on the internet and has fought to prevent its piracy. He has removed all of his music from YouTube, and the only song of his that remains on the video site is "Breakfast Can Wait." In 2014, he sued Facebook fans who bootlegged his concert.

His music is still available for purchase on Google Play and iTunes.