The grand wedding ceremony on April 29 and the high-profiled North America trip have made Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton the shining stars of the world but now the popular royal couple has returned to homebodies, enjoying ordinary life, according to OK! Magazine.

William and Kate were seen on a Saturday night in July slipping inside a theater in the tiny Welsh town of Llandudno Junction for a late showing of the Hollywood comedy Bridesmaids, which shocked the moviegoers.

But date night is only one of the programs, which they are enjoying currently. Home-cooked meals, laughing over silly comedies and spending time alone are also happy episodes of their life.

“Kate thinks it’s very important to create a warm home for the two of them,” royals commentator Victoria Arbiter told OK!. “She loves to cook, and she likes to have a meal waiting for William when he gets home from work.”

 “They’re actually surprisingly normal and down to earth when the cameras are off,” a royals watcher said. “Kate has been a great influence on William in that way. She’s introduced him to a simpler, easier way of life and he loves it. They like to watch movies, sleep in and have nice meals at home.”

As the future king and queen of England, William and Kate have a duty to produce heir for the imperial family. But the royals insiders hope the young couple will wait until early next year, when William completes his flying captaincy.

“Everyone is breathing down their necks about having a baby, but they are just content to enjoy this time,” an insider said.

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