Internet users continue to speculate over what exactly the YouTube channel "Pronunciation Book" is counting down to. While the latest video provides no direct answers to the subject of the mysterious videos published on YouTube daily since July 9, viewers continue to investigate and speculate on the clues given over the last two months.

“But even now, my vestige of a heart. Something is going to happen in 12 days,” a voice said in the latest video released on Thursday.

After the phrase is spoken, a barely audible, but distinct sound is heard. Previous videos have also had this sound follow the voice message. Curious Internet users have been gathering these audio clips at the end of the videos released and have discovered they form parts of a larger image by analyzing each audio clip using spectrogram software, which turns sound into visual data.


Over the several days that have passed since the discovery of the YouTube channel’s bizarre behavior, the image formed by the data collected has been looking more and more like a man pointing at the viewer. On the head of the man appears to be the word “tomorrow,” which is only apparent after the image compiled from all of the spectrogram imaging is reversed. However, the content above the word is cut off since all of the videos on the channel haven’t been released. The videos are counting down to a date, which appears to be Sept. 24, 2013, if the pattern holds true.

A Tumblr page called "Let’s Talk About Systems" also began publishing strange GIF images since its appearance on Sept. 4. Internet users have speculated that the Tumblr and YouTube pages may be related, since the the GIFs contain quotes from corresponding videos posted on the same day on the Pronunciation Book YouTube channel.

Others have speculated the "Pronunciation Book" YouTube channel and the "Let’s Talk About Systems" Tumblr are part of an Alternate Reality Game, an interactive story set in the real world, leaving observers to investigate and even participate in the unfolding game. Previous ARGs such as “I Love Bees” used both online and real world tasks and scenarios as part of a bigger viral campaign for the “Halo 2,” the sequel to the popular “Halo” video game for Xbox.

As for what the YouTube channel is counting down to, early theories by Internet users initially speculated a reboot of the television series “Battlestar Galactica” and even a reboot of the Halo video game series.

But since then, several more theories have popped up across various websites following the channel. One website titled "77 Days" compiles the theories, including one theory that the "Pronunciation Book" is part of a promotion for a fall television show premiere, such as “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” or another theory that the YouTube channel is part of a viral marketing campaign for a coming book release.

Whatever the countdown may be about, Internet users continue to sift through all the details through various theories and research. Some users have even gone as far as messaging the "Let’s Talk About Systems" Tumblr page and gathering its replies in a document shared on Google Drive. In the meantime, followers of the YouTube channel patiently wait for more information as Sept. 24 draws near.

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