A YouTube channel named “Pronunciation Book” has started “behaving” differently in recent videos. Prior to July 9, the channel would display a word accompanied by a vocal pronunciation of the displayed word. But subscribers recently noticed a distinct difference in the channel's videos: It's not displaying or pronouncing words anymore. One video displayed the number 77, accompanied with audio saying, “Something is going to happen in 77 days.”

The videos following the video titled “How to Pronounce 77” get more even more bizarre, with the narrator of the video proclaiming cryptic messages, as in the “How to Pronounce 75” video: “I’m awake now. Things are clearing up. I’m not saying the words anymore. Something is going to happen in 75 days.”

As of July 29, the channel has reached the number 57, with the message, “A delicate paring is a heartbreaker. Something is going to happen in 57 days."

Online community users on Reddit and other social media sites speculate the change in the video content is part of an augmented reality game, or ARG, used to virally market a new “Halo” video game or “Battlestar Galactica” reboot. But the fascination behind the videos doesn’t necessarily stop in the comment threads of these sites. The Daily Dot took the “Battlestar Galactica” theory to another level, going through and theorizing what part of the “Battlestar Galactica” universe each video refers to.

Avid Internet users have turned to creating a subreddit, Google document and wiki, documenting any new information discovered and speculations as new videos are published on the YouTube channel.

YouTube users have also discovered audio in each video that sounds like signal noise and generates part of an image when viewed in a spectrometer.




After some digging, Internet users have theorized that the channel has been in on the ARG for the long haul, pointing to videos from 2012 containing full sentences. In a video titled “How to Ask for Help In English,” the narrator says, “Please help me escape from this place,” pausing for a while before continuing, “I need your help with something, chief.”

According to the information gathered from the “77 Days” wiki, one of the videos released in September 2012, titled “How to Pronounce Of,” talks about 10 mysteries, “As we resumed our hike, I thought of 10 mysteries.”

The subsequent videos each included a sentence, starting with ordinal numbers ranging from first to 10th,
First, who was the architect of our mission?” continuing in the 10th video, “And tenth, why did she insist we conceal our relationship from the rest of the squad?”

As for what these videos are leading to, at the moment not much is known beyond what is contained in forums. Hopefully, we'll find out what the channel is counting down to 57 days from the post of the latest video.

What do you think the videos released by “Pronunciation Book” are referring to? Let us know in the comments.