Protests at the state security building in Alexandria, Egypt led to violent clashes between demonstrators and security officers who fired on them.

About 1,500 people stormed the building, seizing control of the first floor, forcing police officers to the upper floors to hide, according to Al Jazeera.

Protesters were enraged after policemen allegedly threw petrol bombs at them from inside the building and even shot at them with guns.

Once inside, according to witness accounts, protesters destroyed furniture and equipment.

Conflicting reports state that two or three protesters were seriously injured in the melee. There were also confusing reports of the Egyptian army clashing with state security officers, with military officials trying to stop state security people from firing upon and arresting protesters.

Local media also claimed that police in the building were ripping up and burning official documents, including passports and national identification cards.

Protester also attacked cars and armored vehicles belonging to state security.

Obviously, protesters ire was directed exclusively at state security, not the army.

A journalist told Al Jazeera that some protesters were exacting revenge against the security forces after they had apparently arrested and tortured activists earlier.

Activists reportedly want the government to eliminate the state security organization and to abolish the emergency laws.

Under the three-decade rule of ex-President Hosni Mubarak, thousands of anti-government protesters were reportedly arrested, tortured and murdered by state security officers.