Two weeks ago, we reported that nearly every PS4 offering was sold out at Amazon. Now, Amazon has replenished its stocks of almost every PS4 bundle that it offers.

First, let's go over what's available once again. You can grab the "Battlefield 4" PS Plus Launch Bundle for $499.90, the "Killzone: Shadow Fall" PS Plus Launch Bundle for $499.90, the "Knack" Launch Bundle for $459.98 and the "Watch_Dogs" Launch Bundle for $459.98.

The Standard Edition PS4 has been and still is available for $399.99. The standalone Launch Edition PS4, which doesn't include any games, is still unavailable. Each "Launch" bundle claims that its availability is guaranteed on the day that the PS4 launches.

The PS4 and its main competitor, the Xbox One, are slated to be released sometime in the 2013 holiday season, likely before Black Friday.

What do you think of the PS4 and the Xbox One? Which do you prefer and why? Have you or will you pre-order the PS4 via Amazon? If so, which bundle do you plan to get and why? Sound off in the comments below.