Sony is currently running a new promotion on the PlayStation Now, dubbed as Shocktober. In line with the Halloween month, PS4 players can now enjoy 13 new titles that will shock and scare the living lights out of players this season.

Announced over at the PlayStation Blog, Shocktober games are already available on the PS4’s streaming subscription service. The new games are a mixture of old and new titles, with themes of zombies post-apocalypse, demons, ghost hunters and even Slender Man joining the fun.

Some of the newer and known games include “The Last of Us: Left Behind,” “Slender: The Arrival,” “Stick It To The Man,” “Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge,” “Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut.” Other titles that players may want to check out are “BloodRayne: Betrayal,” “Painkiller: Hell & Damnation,” “Deception IV: Blood Ties,” “Costume Quest 2,” “Blood Knights,” “Final Exam” and “Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters.” These 13 games will add to the existing library of games that is available on the PS Now.

Currently there are 15 other titles on PlayStation Now that would be great to take for a spin during the Halloween season. “The Walking Dead” the complete first season, “Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition,” “inFamous 2: Festival of Blood,” “Twisted Metal,” “Darksiders,” “Dead Island” and “Bound by Flame” are just some of these.

The new announcement comes after Sony announced the final list of free games for the PS Plus October 2015 lineup. Many fans have expressed their disappointment at the current list, which not only lacked any scary titles, but also mainstream, big-name games.

Sony may be holding off on some announcements as there have been recent teasers involving the PS4. The biggest is the possibility of a holiday price cut for Sony’s next-gen console, which was first hinted by Target. The reported $50 price cut was hinted in a post that has since then been taken down.

Another recent development that has not yet been confirmed by Sony is the possibility of ads coming to the PS4 dashboard. Gamepur reported that a few PS4 users have been encountering this in the PS4 and PlayStation Network.

According to the reports, sponsored content is also apparently included in the queue of games. There is no announcement yet on how this will affect the overall gaming experience, but fans reaction will depend on just how disruptive these can be in the long run when playing games.

Shocktober games on PS Now (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)