For some players, it seems nearly impossible to fill up their Sony PlayStation 4 hard drives with 500GB worth of games, music, movies, etc. However, hardcore PS4 fans know this isn’t really a difficult task, especially if you’re a game connoisseur.

Nyko, a Los Angeles-based third-party accessory manufacturer, announced a Data Bank for Sony’s eighth-generation console, a custom dock which would allow players to replace the device’s internal drive and would allow 3.5-inch drives to be used as internal storage.

This translates into using less-expensive and larger hard drives, which could eventually be integrated into the designs of future consoles.

The Data Bank seamlessly blends into the PS4’s design and even has an LED that lights up when the hard drive is being used. The best part – no ugly, tangled cables or bulky boxes next to your PlayStation 4.

Currently, the PS4 does support external hard drives, though they can’t be accessed for use with game installations or saving data.

Nyko is currently still waiting for the patent, but plans to launch the Data Bank sometime during the first six months of this year.

The company hasn’t revealed whether it will design custom docks for other consoles, but the PS4 is at 18.5 million devices sold as of early January, so it’s currently the safest pick for such a device.