Sales of both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have cooled off on Amazon recently, their "Best Sellers in Video Games" page indicates. However, the PS4 is still besting the Xbox One handily; lately and overall.

Both the PS4 and Xbox One have spent a substantial amount of time within the top 10 slots of Amazon's hourly-updated rankings page, but they have slid drastically as of late. The PS4 Standard Edition is currently 16th, while the PS4 "Battlefield 4" Launch Day Bundle sits at 22nd. The Xbox One Standard Edition is all the way down at 38th, as of this writing. Check out the photos below.




It's worth noting that Amazon offers only two flavors of the Xbox One: The Xbox One Standard Edition and the Xbox One Day One Edition. The latter is currently unavailable, and has been for quite some time. Meanwhile, Amazon offers five variants of the PS4: The PS4 Standard Edition, PS4 "Battlefield 4" and PS Plus Launch Bundle, PS4 "Killzone: Shadow Fall" and PS Plus Launch Bundle, PS4 "Knack" Launch Bundle, PS4 Launch Edition and PS4 "Watch_Dogs" Launch Bundle. Of these, only four out of six PS4 bundles are currently available. The PS4 Launch Edition and PS4 "Watch_Dogs" Launch Bundle are not available at this time.

Of the two Xbox One bundles sold on Amazon, neither include any games. Meanwhile, one of the top-ranked PS4 bundles is one that includes "Battlefield 4." We're fairly certain that if Amazon were to offer an Xbox One bundle that included a high profile game like "Battlefield 4," it would consistently rank highly.

We'll continue to keep track of the PS4 and Xbox One sales rankings on Amazon. If either Microsoft or Sony make significant announcements pertaining to the Xbox One or the PS4, it'll be interesting to see whether sales of either console shift in either direction.

For the year, the PS4 Launch Edition is ranked third overall, while the Xbox One Day One Edition is ranked sixth.

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