Everyone loves pumpkin carving this time of year. Pumpkin picking, then pumpkin carving. 

Not even a pumpkin shortage caused by Hurricane Irene could lead to a carving shortage this Halloween 2011. In late September, pumpkin patch owners worried, because Hurricane Irene's path of destruction through much of the Northeast caused pumpkin prices to nearly double in some areas. 

But hey, even President Barack Obama has time to shop with First Lady Michelle Obama for pumpkins. On Wednesday, after a stop to promote his jobs bill, he purchased 70 pounds of pumpkins for the White House. Somehow, even though they weighed much more collectively, no one seemed to become as obsessed with Obama's pumpkin choices as they did his dog choices.

So, we got to thinking: Would Obama win a pumpkin-carving contest? Could he do better than the pumpkin carved as a rallying cry in his name in 2008? Here are 10 pumpkin carving patterns that Obama, or you, probably can never beat in October.