As the New York Giants prepared to face off against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl XLVI late Sunday, another group of superstar athletes were ready for an intense game: the 2012 Puppy Bowl.

The eighth annual Animal Planet special, Puppy Bowl VIII, featured fifty-eight canine athletes in a miniature stadium filled with chew toys, water bowls and mini footballs. Most of the pups were no more than 10 weeks old and all were rescues.

The 2012 Puppy Bowl also featured a Kitty Halftime Show and five pigs as part of a Piggy Pep Squad.

The show, which aired before the 2012 Super Bowl, was filmed in advance and took three days to film, generating more than 50 hours of footage of puppies playing. Thirty staff members were needed to produce the popular Animal Planet special.

Take a look at the video highlights from the game, including the 2012 Puppy Bowl 2012 starting lineup, the Kitty Halftime Show, a historic double touchdown and more.

2012 Puppy Bowl Warm-Up:

Starting Lineup of the 2012 Puppy Bowl:

Kitty Halftime Show:

Historic Double Touchdown:

Fumble Take the Ball:

MVP of the 2012 Puppy Bowl: