After sending a tweet that many observers said they believed was directed at Bill Cosby, a Twitter account claiming to be that of “The Cosby Show” actress Lisa Bonet was suspended. The account was suspended Saturday following a Nov. 21 tweet directed to no one in particular that piqued the attention of many in the media, including the New York Post and Fox News.

“According to the karma of past actions, one’s destiny unfolds, even though everyone wants to be so lucky… Nothing stays in the dark 4ever!” the tweet said.

Bonet starred as Denise Huxtable on “Cosby” and many said they believed the tweet was directed at her former on-screen father, who has of late suffered a devastating blow to his public persona. Public anger prompted numerous partners to sever relationships with the embattled actor and comedian as a result of allegations he raped more than a dozen women during his career that were reignited by comedian Hannibal Buress last month.

The account is no longer on Twitter, but it featured the Twitter handle @Lilakoi_Moon and used “Lisa Bonet” in its full name field. It also included a photo of the actress. Bonet changed her name to Lilakoi Moon while still acting under the name Lisa Bonet.

Cosby and Bonet were rumored to have had a falling out during the 1980s because Cosby did not approve of her decision to shoot a sexually explicit scene in the 1987 R-rated film “Angel Heart” or to pose topless for a photoshoot with Interview magazine. Bonet left “The Cosby Show” to shoot the spin-off “A Different World” but returned after giving birth. She parted ways with the show again in 1991 and chose not to be part of a reunion special.

The @Lilakoi_Moon account had been on the social networking service for a number of months, and before being shut down had garnered thousands of followers. The user sent tweets to verified Twitter accounts belonging to actor Kadeem Hardison and other members of the “Different World” cast. Representatives of Twitter did not immediately respond to requests from International Business Times to explain why the account was suspended.

An account said to be that of Cree Summer, the actress who played Winifred "Freddie" Brooks on “A Different World,” told followers that the @Lilakoi_Moon was fake in a tweet July 10.


Bonet's reps have reported confirmed that the Twitter account does not belong to the actress and requested it be taken down. “I can assure you that is not her Twitter account and I have had the account suspended,” talent manager Jillian Neal told TheWrap Sunday.