The winter finale of “Quantico” ended with a bombshell. [Spoiler Alert: Stop reading now if you haven’t watched Season 2, episode 8 yet.] After hours of supposedly working with others to find a way to stop the terrorists, Ryan revealed that he is actually working with them in the future timeline. He put Alex behind a barrier. Should she cross it, the biological weapon will go off, killing all of the hostages. The jaw-dropping moment wasn’t just surprising for viewers of the ABC drama.

“That was a big shocker,” Priyanka Chopra, who plays Alex, told the Hollywood Reporter. “None of us saw that twist coming. I think that takes her a while to also understand and she goes into figuring out why Ryan [Jake McLaughlin] would do what he did. And the answers will be very interesting. It is a theme of the back half of the season.”

It might take a while for Alex to figure it out, though. Executive producer Joshua Safran warned that Alex will find out what’s behind Ryan’s decision to join the Citizens’ Liberation Front (CLF) — but it will take time. “You will not find out right away. We’re slowly marching deeper and deeper into each of our character’s psyches,” he added.

However, before Alex discovers why Ryan is helping the CLF in the future timeline, she’ll grow apart from him in the present. The couple got engaged in the last episode, but Ryan didn’t have the best reasons for popping the question. “I do think that sadly in this particular moment, what’s motivating Ryan’s proposal is the fact that he just aided in killing a man,” Safran explained to Entertainment Weekly. “And I think he is feeling like he desperately needs something good in his life to hold on to, and I think that is Alex, and that is probably the wrong reason to propose to somebody, and I think we’ll see what happens.”

Audiences know that they won’t make it to the altar. They break up before the terrorist attack. Yet Chopra doesn’t think all hope is lost for the couple. “I totally believe in a happy ending if Alex would just stop sabotaging, like she does. She is a survivor all her life,” Chopra told THR. “It’s hard for her to create relationships. But I do hope there’s a happy ending there for Alex and Ryan.”

Fans of “Quantico” will have to wait a while before seeing if Alex and Ryan get a happily ever after. Season 2 is on hiatus until Monday, Jan. 23 at 10 p.m. EST.