“Quantico” is about to launch a new mystery, but they aren’t forgetting where they started. Before watching the Season 2 premiere, viewers should remember where the ABC show left off.

The Season 1 finale kicked off with a flashback to exactly how Liam (Josh Hopkins) manipulated everyone. He is to blame for everything: blackmailing Elias (Rick Cosnett), shooting Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) and placing Alex’s (Priyanka Chopra) body in the rubble of the Grand Central bombing.

Everyone else doesn’t realize that yet, though. The FBI agent is trying to pin it on Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) who is missing. She’s actually tied up in Liam’s trunk with a couple gunshot wounds. When Liam goes to check on her, Ryan follows him to the parking lot. Liam knocks the young agent out. Liam decides he has to take off with both Miranda and Ryan in the back of his car.

The other agents quickly realize that Miranda can’t be the Voice that’s been calling them, so she probably isn’t the terrorist. They grow suspicious about Liam’s sudden disappearance. He’s finally their main suspect.

Alex goes to his home to look for clues and meets his daughter Louisa. She believes her father is in Washington, D.C. Alex thinks that means Liam is going to bomb Quantico. Alex and the agents rush down to their old training facility and realize a graduation ceremony is happening soon. Liam will kill as many people as possible.

They search for Liam in the dorms, but Alex finds Ryan and Miranda tied up first. Unfortunately, they aren’t free for long. Ryan gets taken hostage by Liam again, and this time Alex has to watch as Liam points a gun to her love’s neck. Liam takes this time to explain his plan. He wanted to take out the FBI after all the unethical things they made him do.

Alex doesn’t care much about Liam’s sob story. As soon as he tries to shoot her instead of Ryan, she fires back. Ryan manages to get Liam’s gun and starts shooting him as well.

Liam was taken care of, but the nuclear bomb was still set. The group finds it and argues about what to do with it. It’s ticking and there isn’t an easy way to disable it. Simon (Tate Ellington) takes matters into his own hands and drives away with it. He talks to his friends on the phone and reveals that the only way to stop the nuclear radiation is to set the bomb off underwater. He says his goodbyes while he is driving into the ocean.

At Simon’s funeral, Alex sees Claire (Marcia Cross) and discusses her blood pressure problem. Her medical records showed no such condition, but Liam had Alex replace her pills at one point. Alex realizes that the vice presidential candidate was working with Liam. However, their plan was to make Alex get caught with the bomb. Claire and Liam would’ve been heroes, helping both of their careers. When Claire called Alex a hero on television, Liam decided he’d set off an actual nuke.

Claire doesn’t tell Alex she’s right, but she does not claim to be innocent either. She makes it clear that no one can prove Alex’s theory. Claire doesn’t realize that her son Caleb (Graham Rogers) is listening from afar.

In its final moments, “Quantico” fast-forwards a couple months. Alex and Ryan take a trip together, and their relationship seems to be stable for once. Alex didn’t get her FBI badge back, though. She’s apparently unemployed and goes for a run when she is approached by Agent Matthew Keyes (Henry Czerny). He offers her a place in the CIA, and Ryan calls at that exact moment. She has to decide between another government organization or Ryan.

Spoiler alert! She chooses the CIA. Alex will be training to be a spy in “Quantico” Season 2. As previously reported, she’ll run into a bevy of new characters. One of those people will be Owen Hall (Blair Underwood). Everyone wants the charming agent to be their mentor, but he might not be as respectable as he seems.

The premiere will introduce several other trainees at a mysterious facility called “The Farm.” Alex will quickly come across a new threat, and this time, it won’t just be American lives being threatened. The entire world could suffer.

Don’t worry about the show ditching the FBI. After all, it’s called “Quantico.” Season 2 will focus on the differences between the FBI and CIA, and it will demonstrate what it’s like when they’re forced to unite.

“Quantico” Season 2 premieres Sunday, Sept. 25, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.