An anti-Black Lives Matter protest on a college campus turned violent when protesters began condemning supporters of the movement. The small group protesting on the Southeastern Oklahoma State University campus was led by a man who shouted racist comments about black people. The group called anyone in support of the movement a racist, local news KXII reported Monday.

The group said that Black Lives Matter supporters were going to hell or will face “some other type of damnation.” One student stated that the group shouted that one in three black people have an STD.

"He was saying one out of three of us (black people) have STD's (sexually transmitted diseases)," Charles Jackson said. "He was counting 1, 2, 3 STD," he added.

Many were upset and frustrated by the protesters, which caused tensions to grow between the group and students. "One of the football players wanted to take the sign from them, and so it got people riled up and they started crossing the barricade," Jackson stated. "And so it started causing tension and people trying to hold him back which caused more tension."

One sign from the protesters read, “Black Lives Matter are Racist Thugs," while others signs read, "BLM Rent a Riot." Other members of the group wore shirts which read, “Muhammad is in hell.”

"It appeared to me that they had a message of hate, that upset some of the students, and we cannot have that, we can't have the health, safety, and welfare of our students compromised," Southeastern Oklahoma State University President Sean Burrage told reporters.

The university president stated that there would be a full investigation on how the protestors gained access to the campus.

"One thing led to another, and people ended up getting into it, and it almost led to fighting, it was just a bunch of crazy stuff going on," student Iyanna Williams told local reporters. After about an hour of shouting out their beliefs, the protesters who were not students were escorted off of campus grounds by police.