Actress Rae Dawn Chong is taking heat after using the N-word in describing her feud with Oprah Winfrey, saying her “Color Purple” co-star only cares about herself in an interview where she also compliments to the media mogul.

“If you looked at the way she looks, she looks like in 60 years ago she would’ve be a house keeper, luckily. She would not have been a house n----, she would have been a field n-----,” Chong said, continuing what became a back-handed compliment during an interview for the Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour internet show. “We have to give her props. Like, no matter how much my personal vibe with her, I gotta stop and say, ‘This woman is a miracle and I respect her,’ and I say, ‘Kudos to you.’ I don’t give two cents about the other part of it because she shifted the DNA, in terms of our thinking of a woman of a certain size and a certain shade. I love her for that.”

Chong, the daughter of actor Tommy Chong, said she was getting unfair flack over the interview, tweeting that her compliments about Oprah were genuine.

"Before you judge listen to the radii [sic] show its entirety," she tweeted. Chong told those who criticized her, "I see you didn't hear the entire interview....where I complimented her."

She also said the "giant s---storm" was created by TMZ for airing the interview and taking her comments out of context.

"In context, I was actually complimenting Oprah," Chong said in a YouTube response to the controversy, which you can view below. "Do I have issues with her? Yes. Am I perfect? No. Do I take back everything I said? No."

Chong said Winfrey was kind to her while shooting “The Color Purple,” but she started having a beef with Oprah when after Chong filmed “Commando” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“That’s when she was a total biotch,” Chong said. “She invited me to come to her show when I starred in ‘Commando’ and she just wasn’t having me. She’s competitive, she didn’t like me, and she was just not having me. …At the end of day, it was just a nightmare. And I ended up being backstage and she never called me on stage. And it was like, ‘You know what, f--- you b----.”

“Oprah’s all about Oprah,” the actress said before heaping praise on the OWN founder. “She’s amazing, I respect her. I think she’s done great things for women of color, women of a certain size. But does that mean she’s a good person?”

Chong accused Winfrey of being a “great brownnoser.

“If you go into a room with her she will pick the most powerful person and will become best friends with them,” the actress said. “She was that fat chick that was a cheerleader or the wannabe cheerleader in school that was the student council president that was the best friends with the principal…she was the fat chick in school that did everything and everyone loved her. That’s Oprah.”