While “Destiny” fans are looking forward to playing the game’s first expansion “The Taken King,” they may be disappointed to learn that they will not be able to participate in raids just yet. Titled “The King’s Fall,” this raid has been hyped up by Bungie before, but it seems like it will be available sometime after the expansion launches.

Luke Smith, the director of “The Taken King” expansion told IGN during PAX Prime 2015 that the “King’s Fall” raid will be available in a later date than previously stated. While Smith has not given many details on why the raid will be delayed, he assured fans that there is a plan and they will know when to take time off of work or school to enjoy it.

Bungie has promised that “King’s Fall” will be the biggest raid seen in the game thus far, reportedly outdoing previous raids like “Vault of Glass” and “Crota’s End.” The expansion also introduces a new boss called Oryx, who is the father of Crota – the boss from the “Crota’s End” raid.

Oryx’s motivation seems to be revenge, as he decides to avenge his son by leading a new class of enemies, called “The Taken,” to take out the various players that completed the last raid. Beating Oryx will give the player exclusive gear, properly rewarding them for beating the raid.

A report from Polygon stated that “The Taken King” will be the foundation for other expansion packs of “Destiny,” as it will give Raid bosses more personality. There will also be three new sub-classes in “The Taken King,” each one with a unique ability and skill tree for more variety.

“The Taken King” will not only be the first expansion for “Destiny,” but it will also conclude the game’s first year and wrap up some of the game’s storylines. One of the biggest shake ups coming to the expansion to end the game’s first year is the voice of Nathan Fillion, who replaces Peter Dinklage in voicing the player’s Ghost companion.

“Destiny: The Taken King” will be available on Sept. 15 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Fans can preorder the expansion from most retail outlets. 

Official Destiny: The Taken King - Launch Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)