After refusing to undergo a full body patdown by the Transportation Security Administration in the Nashville Airport Monday, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., was led away by local police. In response to this, presidential candidate Ron Paul released a statement coming to his son's defense, saying the TSA does nothing to keep us safe.

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, expressed his anger over what he alleged was a gross abuse of power by the TSA.

The police state in this country is growing out of control.  One of the ultimate embodiments of this is the TSA that gropes and grabs our children, our seniors, and our loved ones and neighbors with disabilities, said Ron Paul in a statement. The TSA does all of this while doing nothing to keep us safe.

Ron Paul first took to Twitter to inform the public of his son's alleged detention at the Nashville airport.

My son @SenRandPaul being detained by TSA for refusing full body pat-down after anomaly in body, said the congressman on Twitter. Others also took to Twitter, retweeting his message and sharing their thoughts on the situation.

Ron Paul has been an outspoken critic of the TSA. In 2010, he introduced the American Traveler Dignity Act as a response to what he deemed invasive patdowns and potentially dangerous X-Ray screening procedures by TSA agents. The bill has not become law.

We must restore the freedom and respect for liberty that once made American the greatest nation in human history, Ron Paul in a statement. I am deeply committed to doing that as President of the United States.

Rand Paul also has attacked the TSA in the past. Last year, he questioned TSA Administrator John Pistole on the procedures and protocol after a 6-year-old girl from Paul's hometown was patted down.

The TSA also released a statement over the incident. According to the agency, Sen. Paul triggered an alarm during a routine screening. They say he refused to complete the screening process that ensures he was not carrying any hazardous material. The TSA denied claims that Paul was formally detained.

I spoke with him five minutes ago and he was being detained indefinitely, Ron Paul spokesperson Moira Bagley said, according to Politico. The image scan went off; he refused pat-down.

Paul was denied access to the secure gate area in the Nashville Airport. He was then escorted out of the security area. But the TSA announced shortly that Paul was booked on another flight and went through the screening process again without any further incident.

When an irregularity is found during the TSA screening process, it must be resolved prior to allowing a passenger to proceed to the secure area of the airport, TSA officials said in a statement. Passengers who refuse to complete the screening process cannot be granted access to the secure area in order to ensure the safety of others traveling.