An elderly Brazilian woman is apparently the owner of the most influential Twitter account around. What is her claim to fame? The answer is her foul mouth and a .GIF-powered avatar featuring her in a number of adult-oriented actions, the reports.

Grandma Twitter's account, which reads Twitter Da Vovó is the most widely re-tweeted account and has ranked in at least 50 trending topics.

According to the metric used by HP Labs's report about Twitter influence, Twitter Da Vovo ranks just above CNN Breaking News. Interestingly, it's not just Twiter Da Vovo that is the odd one out in the rankings. There are some other unlikely accounts too which have surpassed the influence of major news organizations. The study looked at tweets that contributed to trending topics and the re-tweet frequency of those tweets.

Each retweet credits the original poster of the tweet, the authors write, Hence, to identify the authors who are re-tweeted the most in the trending topics, we counted the number of re-tweets for each author on each topic.

The study was conducted by observing trending topics for a period of 40 days, starting in September, 2010. Over 16.32 million tweets were looked at and the result is as follows:


As is evident from the list, there are other odd names that have popped up with influential tweets. However the authors have no explanation for their presence; it could be that they occurred because the research only looked at specific time frames. It could also have been because of influences from other trending topics.

Actually, Twiter Da Vovo is the least suspect of the non-news accounts, with 174,857 followers and a YouTube following. In addition, the grandmother has only tweeted 29 times, according to the report.

While the accounts on Twitter and YouTube are in Portuguese, the report states that the lady in question is a comedian who swears a lot and describes herself as Humorista, Lynda e Ryca. She answers tweeted questions via Youtube.

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