Raven Symone, the 25-year-old singer and actress who played Oliva in The Cosby Show, had recently create4d a buzz in the media by revealing her weight-loss secret to the world in an interview with Vibe magazine.

The sweetheart for the viewers of her show, also admitted the compliment and attention her new look has got.

I find it funny that people now come up to me and say, 'Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous. I'm like, 'I was beautiful before I lost weight. Egotistically speaking, I thought I was amazing.'

When talk show host Wendy Williams asked Symone about her weight loss secret, the former That's So Raven star replied less stress.

I stopped stressing. You have to realize at 15, there was a whole entire show I had on my shoulders. It was a very big cast and crew and if you're sick for a day, people lose money and that's a problem, she said at the time. [It wasn't] just over eating because I've actually been eating the same. I keep a little bit more smaller portions because I learned that your body has to get rid of that stress some way. Some people break-out, some people lose their hair, some lose weight, some people gain weight, my body just reacted a certain kind of way, Raven said.

A humorous Symone has lost 35 pounds, we can hopefully expect to see her slender new form in the upcoming comedy series, State of Georgia.

Ironically, my character is supposed to be the size that I was before, she says. So I have to wear thicker body pads on the show.

Check out the pictures of a sizzling Symone after her tremendous weight loss. The pictures start from the year 2005 to 2011. You can see the obvious transformation yourself.