An Arizona man allegedly doused himself in bug repellent and roach spray because he was trying to evade the scent of a police dog that didn’t exist, Mesa police said.

Raymon Collier, 20, of Mesa, was found allegedly trespassing inside a condo by police. Officers who were called to the condo discovered Collier naked and covered in bug spray and Raid, the Phoenix New Times reported earlier this month.

Collier “was covered in Off! Bug spray and was completely naked,” police said in an incident report. “He also appeared to have covered himself with Raid. Later he stated he did this to throw off the PD canine, so the dog would not smell him.”

But there was no police dog trying to find his scent, according to police.

In court papers, authorities said Collier “was rambling strange things and appeared to be under the influence of illicit drugs,” according to the New Times.

The 20-year-old was taken to jail on a felony criminal trespassing charge, the paper said.