Loyalty comes into question during Season 6, episode 11 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" after details of a confidential conversation breached the cast's inner circle. During the previous episode, which aired on Feb. 2, Lisa Vanderpump revealed to the rest of the ladies that she was told Yolanda Foster's children had not been diagnosed with Lyme disease. Yolanda catches wind of this little tidbit and chaos ensues.

The episode kicks off with the tense confrontation which, in true "Housewives" fashion, takes place during a sit-down meal. Yolanda reveals to Lisa V. and Kyle Richards that she has been informed of their doubts about Bella and Anwar Hadid's diagnosis and she's not pleased. She asks them to explain themselves, at which time Lisa V. steps up, telling Yolanda it was a comment she made that was taken out of context. She explains that she simply meant that Mouhammed Hadid, this children's father, had told her that both were "good." Yolanda is clearly unhappy with that explanation and busts out the medical records alá "Real Housewives of Orange County" stars Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers.

Kyle and Lisa V. are both caught off guard and uncomfortable with the conversation, but decide to keep it to themselves for the sake of their upcoming San Diego trip with the cast. Shortly after the trip begins Lisa V. decides to confront Lisa Rinna, whom she believes to be the root of this breech of confidentiality. Although Lisa R. admits she had visited Yolanda and owned up to participating in a conversation about Munchausen syndrome, she maintains her innocence in having spoken about Kyle or Lisa V. Later, back in her hotel room preparing for the night, Lisa R. reveals to Eileen Davidson that she's got a hunch about who talked to Yolanda: "RHOBH" rookie Erika Girardi. Both concur and Lisa R. decides she's going to confront Erika that night after her gay club performance. 

The show takes place and goes off without a hitch, but Lisa R.'s still got a bone to pick with Erika. The ladies return to the hotel after a long night of drinking and dancing and then, it happens. Lisa R. brings up the little situation, which sets Erika off. She dances around the matter, claiming it wasn't her who told Yolanda all the while admitting her guilt in a one-on-one confessional interview.

Can't get enough of the Lyme disease scandal? Good! It's making a come-back in the next episode, and this one promises to be an ever bigger blow up as Yolanda returns to face the group once more.

"RHOBH" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.