Questions have been circulating about the health of two of Yolanda Foster's children, Bella and Anwar Hadid, after Season 6, episode 9 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" aired Tuesday. With the validity of their Lyme disease in question, the reality star/former supermodel took to Instagram to share with fans how hard it's been to watch her kids suffer. 

As was reported by People magazine, the photo was posted Tuesday. In it Yolanda, 52, can be seen lying next to Bella, 19, who has an IV in her arm. The teen model, who is best known for her ties to singer The Weeknd, appears to be uncomfortable or melancholy based on the look on her face. In the caption Yolanda reveals that the photo is from 2015 before opening up about how difficult it's been to see her kids battle Lyme disease. The "RHOBH" star, who also suffers from the disease, said that both Bella and Anwar have been silent about their diagnosis' in an effort to allow Yolanda to focus on her journey toward healing holistically. She told followers that their strength is was pushes her to continue on in the fight.

The post came on the coattails of an episode of "RHOBH" in which Lisa Rinna, once again, questioned whether or not Yolanda was really sick. In the episode she mentioned the possibility of Yolanda having munchausen syndromem, which lead the cast to wonder how Bella and Anwar, 16, who also have the disease, were holding up. It was then that Lisa Vanderpump revealed that their father, Mohamed Hadid, had told her that neither of the teens had Lyme disease. "Real Housewives" creator Andy Cohen shared a statement from Mohamed on an episode of "Watch What Happens Live," which aired after "RHOBH," claiming his comments to Lisa were misconstrued.

"I can only imagine that my response to a question asking how my kids are doing with 'fine' was misconstrued," he said. "I have too much respect for all five of my children to speak about them a restaurant or otherwise. I won't speak further on something that should now be put to rest."

This is hardly the first time Yolanda's diagnosis has been questioned. During Season 6, episode 4 Lisa Rinna revealed to her co-stars that the idea that Yolanda may be faking her illness had been brought to her attention. She did not say whether or not she had been convinced one way or another.