Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna, photographed at the Entertainment Weekly Celebration to honor SAG Award nominees in Los Angeles, on Jan. 29, 2016, finally admitted to Yolanda Foster that she had shared nasty rumors about her illness with the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast during Season 6, episode 10. Getty Images

Lisa Rinna's words came back to bite her during Season 6, episode 10 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." During an earlier episode the former soap opera star revealed to her co-stars that she had heard rumors that Yolanda Foster's Lyme disease diagnosis may not be legitimate.

Early in the episode newbie castmember Erika Girardi pops over to Yolanda Foster's apartment to catch up on Kyle Richard's barbeque, which took place in the prior episode. Erika seizes the opportunity to reveal to her longtime friend that Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle, 46, were discussing her diagnosis behind her back. Erika shares with her that Lisa V., 55, alluded to the fact that Yolanda's former husband Mohammed Hadid had told her neither Bella nor Anwar Hadid were afflicted with the disease. She maintains that the chatter was started by Lisa R., 52, who Yolanda is scheduled to meet with later that same day.

Before heading to Yolanda's apartment for the long-overdue conversation Lisa R. decides it would be in her best interest to do a little prep work. She pops over to Ericka's lavish mansion where she picks up some important pointers. Lisa R. reveals that she didn't start the rumors, but also did nothing to stop them when they were brought to her attention. Ericka clams Lisa R.'s nerves about confronting Yolanda, assuring her that the mother of three will be relieved to learn that her friend and co-star wasn't the root of the munchausen syndrome rumors.

The time finally arrives for Lisa R. and Yolanda's face-to-face. She arrives at Yolanda's with a bottle of wine in tow, only to be reminded that while sick, Yolanda doesn't drink. The pair immediately grab their coffee and get down to business. Lisa R. shares with Yolanda that she was confronted by someone who suggested that she may be feigning Lyme disease for sympathy, adding that she only shared the information with Kyle and Lisa V. because she was feeling guilty. Yolanda maintains her composure, though it's clear that she's frustrated with the direction of the conversation. In a confessional interview she suggests that Lisa R. is shirking responsibility, blaming everyone but herself.

While the much-needed confrontation between Lisa R. and Yolanda was the main focal point of episode 10, there were several other noteworthy moments that played out during the episode. A majority of the episode's remaining drama took place during Kyle's over-the-top 20th anniversary party. The bash forces "RHOBH" newcomer Kathryn Edwards and friend of the cast Faye Resnick to come together again, leaving open the opportunity for an all-out brawl. Kathryn spends the days leading up to the party preparing for battle, sharing with her former NFL player husband that she's been rehearsing what she wants to say to Faye for years. Fortunately the big night arrives and goes smoothly. Neither Kathryn nor Lisa V., who also has beef with Faye, caused a major scene, though the rookie housewife did ruffle some feathers with Kyle. The former model shares with Kyle her true feellings on the situation between her and Faye, which stems from a book about O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown-Simpson, which doesn't sit well with the party's host.

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