The controversy surrounding Yolanda Foster's diagnosis continues during "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 6, episode 5 as the former super model learns she's being talked about in the group. During the previous episode Lisa Rinna revealed to several co-stars that she'd been approached by people who were concerned that she may be feigning Lyme disease. The story circles back to Yolanda, 51, during Tuesday's episode, causing quite a stir.

The ladies of "RHOBH" gather during the show for drinks, lunch and, of course, gossip. During the get-together the conversation shifts to Yolanda's diagnosis as she is preparing to fly off to have a surgery. She shares with the women that the procedure involves removing her breast implants which appear to have ruptured. Yolanda is hopeful the surgery will help elevate some of the symptoms of her disease, though it remains unknown. From there the women begin discussing her very strange, and long, list of symptoms at which time Yolanda reveals that she's heard that Taylor Armstrong, who left the show in Season 3, had been talking badly about her. Confused, Eileen Davidson chimes in and shares with her that Lisa, 52, had suggested that Yolanda may have munchausens. Yolanda is shocked by this revelation and asks for a stop to the conversation until after her surgery. 

The mother-of-three returns to her Malibu, California home, which recently sold, to prepare for the operation and spend time with her mother and children. She discusses the surgery during an intimate moment with her mom, sharing with her, as well as viewers at home, that she has some fears. Yolanda then sits her children down to discuss her plans should anything go wrong during the procedure. This causes worry amongst the three of them, nearly reducing Gigi and Bella Hadid to tears. Gigi, 19, suggests that her mom not have the surgery is she's got a feeling something will go wrong.

Because of her procedure Yolanda will be forced to miss out on the "RHOBH" girls trip to the Hamptons, a popular summer hot spot for the rich and famous in New York. The girls have decided to invite Erika Girardi, whom they were all formally introduced to during episode 5, in her place. Previews for the episode suggest there will be no shortage of drama, despite the ladies' distance from home.