Lindsay Lohan might not have gained critical acclaim for her performance as host of Saturday Night Live on March 3, but the actress did hit it out of the park with one particular skit - The Real Housewives of Disney.

The Real Housewives of Disney was a hilarious take on Bravo's Housewives series only with childhood fairytale princesses Jasmine, Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Belle.

Lindsay Lohan played a snarky Rapunzel. The role echoed Lohan a la Mean Girls. It was a refreshing act for the troubled actress who has been hoping for a comeback since settling her heap of legal woes, which have hovered around her since 2007.

Alongside Lohan's Rapunzel was a broke Jasmine, a self-conscious Snow White, a braggart Belle and a drunken Cinderella, played by SNL favorite Kristen Wiig.

The skit was rife with Housewives classics, like absurd catfights, backstabbing and unnecessary dinner parties.

One of the best characters was Taran Killam's flamboyant Prince Charming. Killam played Prince Charming in the very best of ways -- with absurdly coiffed hair and an obnoxious laugh.

Lindsay Lohan's SNL gig might have received a cacophony of criticism but The Real Housewives of Disney has been getting laughs well into Sunday night.

Even though Jon Hamm was in the audience as a back-up host should last night's 'SNL' have gone off the rails, not even the cameo-happy actor's lover's quarrel with a Bobby Moynihan Snooki or Bill Hader's Norman Bates-inspired impression of Shephard Smith could salvage Lindsay Lohan's mostly unfunny return to the show, critiqued Jezebel on Sunday afternoon.

One exception, of course, was the Real Housewives of Disney sketch, in which Lohan plays a weave-wearing Rapunzel, which might not be too terrible a concept for a Lohan-starring vehicle that will help launch her straight-to-DVD career renaissance.

Perez Hilton attested that it was the best skit of the night.

Check out Lindsay Lohan's funniest skit, The Real Housewives of Disney, below.