New Year, new Tre. Teresa Giudice is out of prison and looking to work on her relationships with her “Real Housewives of New Jersey” co-stars.

During Season 7, episode 2 the mother of four gears up for the holidays — which means spending time with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa, whom Teresa hasn’t always seen eye-to-eye with. She is granted clearance from her probation officer to attend the Gorga’s Christmas bash and sets her sights on making amends with Melissa. The “RHONJ” stars and their large family sit down for a seven-fish feast fit for a king. Things seem to be going well — there are limited questions about Teresa’s time behind bars and all the tables in Melissa and Joe’s home remain unflipped, but tension mounts when Teresa and Melissa step away from the table for a moment.

While stacking dishes — a dangerous decision given the tumultuous nature of some of their conversations in earlier season — Teresa expresses her desire to get close with Melissa again. She claims that it is for her brother, but that doesn’t sit well with Melissa who suggests that Teresa should build friendships on her own volition. The mother of two attempts to get some semblance of an apology out of Teresa, but is not successful. Rather than argue about it, she keeps her opinions to herself and warily agrees to work on things with her sister-in-law.

Melissa isn’t the only one Teresa is interested in rebuilding a relationship with. In the Season 7 premiere the cookbook author reached out to Jacqueline Laurita, who returned to “RHONJ” after several seasons on hiatus. In a handwritten letter Teresa expresses to Jacqueline that she had heard that she was concerned about her and, in her own way, suggests that she would like to be friends again. This leaves Jacqueline feeling both excited and confused, but with the help of newcome Delores Catania she is able to decipher the message. Jacqueline decides to wait for Teresa to make the first move and, lucky for her, it comes quicker than expected. While both women celebrated New Year's Eve with separate groups of people Teresa places a call to Jacqueline to discuss “new beginnings.” Jacqueline, who is celebrating the new year with Teresa’s cousins whom she does not speak to, is clearly uncomfortable during the conversation, but maintains an open mind.

As nice as it is to see old friends reuniting for the first time in many seasons, previews for the remainder of Season 7 suggest that it may not last. Do you think Teresa is being sincere? Sound of on Twitter.

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