This season of “Real Housewives of Orange County” was a doozy and the drama’s not over just yet. The Season 11 cast gathered in October to film their three-part reunion special which, based on previews, is going to be a throw down of epic proportions.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “RHOC” stars Heather and Terry Dubrow opened up about what viewers should expect when tuning in, assuring them that the three-part reunion is “not going to disappoint.” Heather told the publication that the reunion is a defining moment in any season of the show because it provides a chance for feuding parties to make amends, friends to fall out and for unexpected drama to emerge. Terry added that while the opportunity to save relationships is certainly always there, some may be irreparably damaged after Season 11.

“I think the  big question mark is, are some of these relationships irreparable?” he asked. “Are some of them not fixable? That is the new, unique thing, I think, of this season. There may be fractions, fractionations done that can never be repaired.”

Fans of the show will recall much of Season 11, which wrapped on Oct. 31, centered on Vicki Gunvalson’s attempt to make amends with her co-stars after partaking — knowingly or unknowingly — in boyfriend Brooks Ayers’ cancer faking scandal in Season 10. Newcomer Kelly Dodd was also introduced to “RHOC” in Season 11. She quickly left a bad taste in some of the longtime stars’ mouths, becoming an outsider in the group. This, plus her affinity for whooping it up, pushed her closer and closer to Vicki as the season progressed.  Although Kelly finally found her place in the group — or, shall we say, on the fringes of it — she continued to ostracize herself by saying hurtful things to her “RHOC” co-stars out of anger.

Previews for the reunion special suggest fans will get to hear much more about both Vicki and Kelly’s drama during the three episodes. Here’s what viewers can expect from the three-part “RHOC” reunion:

The Fake Cancer Drama Continues:

While Brooks and Vicki are no longer a couple, the ladies of “RHOC” are far from done discussing the scandal he brought to the show in Season 10 and whether or not their co-star was involved in it. The unanswered question is at the root of many of the current ongoing feuds among members of the “RHOC” cast and was the catalyst to a number of situations and arguments that occurred throughout the season.

Even Viewers Will Question Vicki’s Motives:

What’s a “Real Housewives” reunion without a little drama from viewers? Previews for the Season 11 “RHOC” reunion show host Andy Cohen reading a question from a fan to Vicki about a fight between she and David Beador during Shannon Beador’s 70s-themed bash. The viewer points the finger at Vicki, as many on the “RHOC” cast have, suggesting that she got in his face which prompted him to name call and yell at her.

Vicki Will Stand By Her Claims About David Abusing Shannon:

A preview shows Shannon and Vicki arguing across couches about a rumor shared by Kelly in Ireland regarding her marriage. The “Housewives” newcomer told the cast she was told by Vicki that in addition to having been unfaithful to Shannon, David was abusive. Shannon vehemently denied those claims during filming and it doesn’t look like she’s cooled off any since the series wrapped.

Through tears Shannon can be heard telling the other ladies that David never laid a hand on her. Vicki spouts back that she has “proof,” though it is not clear from the clip what that proof may be. Her vicious claim sends Shannon running off the set in tears.

Tamra Will Struggle To Maintain Her Composure:

After finding Jesus in Season 10, Tamra has been working hard to keep her loose lips from saying things she may later regret. She struggled throughout Season 11 of “RHOC,” especially when provoked by Kelly and Vicki, and will continue to have a hard time during the reunion. In one particular clip she can be heard calling Vicki — who was once her best friend — an “old lady.”

Even Andy Will Have To Do Some Screaming:

Andy is no stranger to contentious “Real Housewives” reunions, but it’s rare that he involves himself in the drama. It seems, however, that Kelly will get her co-stars so fired up during the special that he’ll have to tap in. A preview video shows him attempting to regain control, urging Kelly to stop and calm down, so that they may continue.

Heathers New House Is Finally Finished — And Has Some Bizarre Details:

During a preview clip Heather reveals that in preparing for the reunion of “RHOC,” she took her first bath ever in her home. Later in the special, while seated on the couch beside her co-stars, Heather is asked about the frozen embryos she and Terry mentioned on the show. She shares with those in attendance and those watching at home that the unborn babies are “immortalized in the etched glass” somewhere in her and Terry’s massive mansion.

Can’t get enough? Be sure to catch part one of the Season 11 “RHOC” reunion Monday at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.